Looking for a unique and rewarding experience? Spend some quality time with a group of friends learning how to mix fun and interesting cocktails here at our Seven Fields Tasting Room.

The Experience

Learning about spirits has never been so much fun.

Our expert in house mixologist will work with you to determine a theme for the cocktails. Sky is the limit here. Some choose to work with a single spirit such as Whiskey or Gin. Others may choose to be a little more open, with a theme such as Prohibition Era or Nautical inspired cocktails.

Once the theme is chosen, our mixologist will craft three unique cocktails to teach you during the event. While they guide you through the workshop, expect to learn about the crafting process. 

They will cover everything. Details and tasting notes for the spirits themselves, how syrups and mixers are made, and finally, balancing it all together to create a delicious adult beverage. Not to mention all the history involved with Big Spring Spirits and how we came to be.

We won't let you go hungry either. As each drink is paired with a mouth-watering bite to elevate the experience even further.

The Details

Here are the basics.


Small Format | 6-12 people

Large Format | 20-30 people


$50 | person

This includes:

Instruction from our expert in house mixologist.
Three unique cocktails crafted specifically for your group.
Coursed food pairings to elevate the experience.


Workshops are generally booked Thursday's from 6PM - 9PM, but we can be flexible with dates and times depending on our event schedule. If you are interested in booking one of these incredible experiences, please use the link below to get in touch directly with our mixologist.