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Have you ever thought to yourself that certain educational topics would be more fun if they involved alcohol? If so, you may want to keep reading. We have partnered with academics around the area to deliver an unforgettable evening of learning, exploration, cocktails, and great fun. These events will happen once a month, so join us as we invite local academics to share with us their passions in all kinds of subjects. From science and philosophy, to mathematics and art, and everything in between. All while our expert in-house mixologist helps you craft perfectly paired cocktails throughout the night.

What's Included:
* Engaging instruction on a wide variety of topics by local academics.
* Themed cocktails to go with the evenings discussion.
* Food designed to pair with the cocktails of the evening.
* Emailed copy of the drink recipes and any accompanying syrup recipes if used.
* Opportunity to purchase kits to make the home crafting experience even easier.

Ticket Price: $60/person

Want to book or have questions? Reach out to our mixologist directly via the contact link. We look forward to hosting you soon!

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